Who can enter ?

Anyone 19 years or older or who has a legal guardian who can legally sign a photo release and who pays the $20.00 entrance donation fee to Victoria Women's Transition House.

Anyone who creates or gathers together a 3D (wearable) pun costume (not a printed shirt with a slogan or simple sign) and pays the donation fee. SEE RULES for more details.

May be an individual, group, team, business or corporation wishing to submit a costume as their pun - you must supply the model(s) as well as the costume and any props (as a costume it must be moveable by the individual(s) presenting the pun) - a group (multi person pun) may not be more than 3 people as a single pun - you may enter as many puns as you wish for $20 donation per pun photo (but must book them as separate puns and times to allow reasonable time to shoot each pun. MORE DETAILS on booking.

NOTE: NON SPONSORING companies can participate but cannot use their logo (or trademark) as part of the pun, they may however pun their name or motto. Sponsors will have their LOGO (or trademark) included and sponsors contributing $500 and over may choose to have a PUN or an ad photographed on a location of their choice within an hour drive of Greater Victoria, as per availability of photographer Sept 05 and Oct 30 2011. All photo participants must supply their own models and props and if a sponsor chooses a location, make the appropriate arrangements to use the location and arrange the model(s).

ONLY CORPORATE SPONSORS may submit a photo or graphics for their ad, created by their own photographer or artist(s) and are not eligible for the competition even if they submit a pun ad, (a pun ad will get more notice and attention). Corporate sponsors will be given space according to their sponsorship level and the ability to submit any commercial ad they design and have reprint permission for.

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