Pun Photo Rules and Requirements:

YOU design and build an amazing 3-D costume to illustrate your pun. Fill out the Contest Application form and sign up for one of three shoots between September 05-30 2011 (shoot location and times).

  1. Requires $20 registration fee for shoot as a donation to the Victoria Women's Transition House.
  2. Must be photographed by official photographer for competition, submission and inclusion in book. Must be paid, booked and available to take part in one of three photo sessions between Sept. 05 - Sept. 30, 2011 ... applications closing soon.
  3. Must not be posted on the web before the book is printed (since best costume presentation wins...) others seeing your idea reduces your chances. Someone creating a better costume of your pun could push you out of the running to win the cash prizes). Shots will be done in central locations and allow for private changing and photo session (to avoid public taking photos on pocket cameras or cell phones and posting them on the web before the book is published and reducing your chances of winning and allowing others to use your idea to compete and improve on your costume idea). *NOTE... Our goal is to raise $20,000 through continuing sales of these fun books.
  4. Must be costume (3D and wearable) not just printed on a shirt or sign.
  5. Must easily fit indoors (through a standard door, in a room, on a stage, in a mall) full size vehicles are out. (Suggest making or using light weight part (representations) of a vehicle.)
  6. NO live animals as props.
  7. Must be original not retail manufactured costume, unless it creates another word or meaning.
  8. You can use full costume or parts of a full costume to enhance pun or create a different word, phrase or person ,examples:
    1. Fred Flintstone carrying a stair = Fred Astaire
    2. Snow White with 1's and a small house = snow 1's home (no one's home)
    3. Snow White and giant ring = snow-ring (snoring)
    THE GOAL; to challenge and surprise the viewer (pun them)... what is the real meaning of the costume
  9. You can use single letter, number, symbol, syllable, prefix or suffix; der, er, est
  10. Must be of legal age to sign photo release (or have guardian available to sign relese)
  11. Keep it clean, can be general sexual innuendo (bun in oven) but not word statement that suggests or condones, abuse or degradation.
  12. Cannot use or display private body parts as costume.
  13. Contributors to a Pun Photo Contest will be given a credit line in the book, if multiple people or a group collaborate, credits will be given for... pun concept, costume creation, props, model and styling.

WE ENCOURAGE OFFICE STAFF, CLUBS and CORPORATIONS to challenge each other for the coveted cover spot.

The winner will be judged on most original pun and best costume presentation.

NOTE: NON SPONSORING companies can participate but cannot use their logo (or trademark) as part of the pun, they may however pun their name or motto. Sponsors will have their LOGO (or trademark) included and sponsors contributing $500 and over may choose to have a PUN or an ad photographed on location of their choice within an hour drive of Greater Victoria, (as per photographer's availability between Sept 05 and Oct 30 2011). All photo participants must supply their own models and props. If a sponsor chooses a location, they need to make the appropriate arrangements to use the location and arrange the model(s).

ONLY CORPORATE SPONSORS may submit a photo or graphics for their ad, created by their own photographer or artist(s) and are not eligible for the competition even if they submit a pun ad. (Which we suggest will get more notice and attention). Corporate sponsors will be given space according to their sponsorship level and the ability to submit any commercial ad they design and have reprint permission for.

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