this page contains links that may be helpful in creating your pun or your costume.

  1. Think of your word or phrase as a charade, break down the bits then find rhyming words. We have included some links to rhyming and "sounds like" words. you may also use object sounds. example: bell for ...ting, ring, ding, dong, chime etc.
  2. In some cases you may find it difficult to use anything other than the object, but you get higher point for using slang, unusual variations or combined words to create "SOUNDS LIKE" concepts
  3. Costume design is a big part of the judging value as well as the pun humor and originality
  4. You will often find that one pun can be made from several combinations of words, so keep your pun close or you may give it away to the winner!
  5. when one word ends with a similar sound to the next word it is almost imposible to say them separately.... SAMPLE: telephone pole + rental agreement = pole lease (say it quickly)
  6. Reminder: ONLY SPONSORS can include their logos!!! company names will be noted in credit lines
  7. LINKS

    costume help and props ....

    you may also want to try, art and craft supplies, thrift stores, dollar stores and other specialty shops to build your perfect pun costume

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